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“I haven’t read a race against time this intense… The 13th Hour: Chaos is a time-bending adventure of epic proportions and scary consequences. 

A Mesmerizing Thriller Told in Reverse

Richard Doetsch returns with a stand-alone sequel to his international bestseller, The 13th Hour, published in twenty-two countries.


“The story truly excels with its engaging, nonstop pursuit of the truth… 

Genuinely intriguing whodunit... 

A fun and compelling time-travel thriller… 

The taut, well-conceived plot unravels and reforms with twisty surprises and elements of politics, revenge, and Machiavellian villainy.”

                            Kirkus Reviews



"Doetsch delivers another compelling and complex thriller. The twists and turns are non-stop"

                                                    Library Journal (Starred Review)

“Ingenious. A jigsaw puzzle in book form. A love story, a political potboiler, and a thriller that upends expectations with every turn of the page. It carried me from heartbreaking opening to the razor edge of its ending in one sitting. My foot is already tapping as I wait impatiently for a third installment!”

                                                                                                                James Rollins,  #1 NY Times bestselling author 


"The Thirteenth Hour: Chaos boasts a blistering original structure that propels the story along at a relentless pace...

A thinking man’s thriller... 

With Doetsch driving, it’s a wild ride indeed..."

                                                                     The Providence Sunday Journal



“I haven’t read a race against time this intense… The 13th Hour: Chaos is a time-bending adventure of epic proportions and scary consequences." 

                                                                        Best Thriller Books


“Times flies—only backward—in this riveting new thriller! And the pages fly by, too! The story starts with a bang and hurtles in reverse toward a climax as clever as it is shocking.”

                                                                      Robert Masello, author of The Haunting of H.G. Wells


“A clever story, cleverly told, by a master storyteller.”

 Steve Berrry, New York Times Bestselling Author

On a warm Fourth of July in the quiet town of Byram Hills, Nick Quinn watches as his wife and daughter die in an unprecedented terrorist attack. Amid the disaster, Nick is approached by a dying friend who hands Nick an antique pocket watch. 

Emotionally shattered and desperate, Nick takes the watch and is shocked to find himself propelled back in time to where he was an hour ago, before the attack on his town. Quickly stopping the course of events, his relief is shattered as life spirals in an even more tragic direction.

At the top of each hour, the watch sends Nick back two hours to live one hour again, a backwards march to relive each hour of his day. A twelve-hour journey providing precious but limited time to protect Julia and Katy and uncover the source of the ever growing threat. 

But each time Nick thinks he’s solved the crime and secured the future, he uncovers new levels of deception, agony, and betrayal, ultimately revealing a far more sinister plot with unexpected players and grim, global consequences. 

If Nick hasn’t set things right by the 13th hour, not only will his wife and daughter be lost forever to the chaos, but an even greater catastrophe will be unleashed upon the world.  

A surprising and utterly original thriller, The 13th Hour: Chaos delivers pure, page-turning suspense—full of double-crosses, shocking turnabouts, and the inexorable power of love.

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