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Michael St. Pierre is an expert in locks whether on doors, safes, or the handcuffs and chains that bind him.

Here is a great reference manual put together by a student at MIT on picking locks. Higher education is an amazing thing.  In the coming days and weeks I will post more on magic and misdirection, safe cracking, art heists, scuba diving, climbing etc...


The MIT Guide to Lockpicking

Michael St. Pierre has dabbled in magic, particularly the art of misdirection which has become an important tool in his arsenal. Whether it be with cards, smoke bombs, or knives Michael is quite skilled at drawing the eyes around him to what ever he chooses thereby allowing him to deceive, steal, or escape... what ever the moment calls for.

Always remember that the mind is fooled, not the eyes. The mind believes what is indicated by the senses, but often fills in the blanks when it does not actually see something.

To learn more about Misdirection check out  MISDIRECTION by Ben Robinson


While Michael St. Pierre has created explosives from every day things, I have taken some creative license and fictionalized some of the ingredients.   My first drafts always are accurate scientifically but I change them in rewrites... don't need someone blowing off a finger or singeing an eyebrow.

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