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Name: Peter
Date: 02/25/2008
Message: The Oscars were a joke but your book was great. Thank god for reading.

Name: Fiona
Date: 02/24/2008
Message: So glad I discovered you. Great web site.

Name: Mark Moretenni
Date: 02/23/2008
Message: A great surprise. Loved it. I'll be reading you for years to come.

Name: Kamil Fozdar
Date: 02/23/2008
Message: Hey Richard I read the thieves of heaven in 06 and right now i just cant wait to get my hands on the thieves of Faith!.whens the movie comin out?? ur work is fantastic,inspirational, moving, and simply a touch of magic!

Name: Brandy
Date: 02/23/2008
Message: Hi, Richard I can't wait for your next book. Best wishes, Brandy

Name: Angela
Date: 02/23/2008
Message: I purchased your book in the Utah airport and read it on vacation this week. I thought it would be a throw away book, the kind you re-start several times and read while you fall asleep. Well it kept me up and I finished it in two days.It was the best part of my vacation. If I only knew I could stay home and have as much fun reading your book, I would have saved a fortune.

Name: Ian Bach Von Beethoven
Date: 02/22/2008
Message: You turned my brain inside out with the twists and turns. The action was fast but believable, the characters were cool but real and the Kremlin underground was amazing. Did you actually get to see all of it? Write back. Ian

Name: Oz Chiquito
Date: 02/22/2008
Message: I love this kind of action thriller.

Name: Bobbi
Date: 02/22/2008
Message: I love your style, two great books, two fun reads.

Name: Heidi Rhodes
Date: 02/22/2008
Message: I have to tell you Richard, I just finished The Thieves of Faith and I am so impressed. I read the Thieves of Heaven two weeks ago and I was an instant fan but I did not expect your second book to be even better. Your books are such great thrillers but they are also rich, intelligent, they have characters I love and I always learn something. You are very talented and should be proud. I'm surprised they don't put you on TV, your face could sell a million books (or soap or cars). Can't wait for The Thieves of Darkness.

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