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Name: Annette Johnson
Date: 01/28/2008
Message: Books sound interesting,will have to add them to my list

Name: Norma Vieweg
Date: 01/28/2008
Message: Your books sound so interesting, I am going to look them up and order them from my local library!

Name: Jason Norwich
Date: 01/26/2008
Message: I picked up both books just after Christmas. Really enjoyed them both. Can't wait for your future books.

Name: Edward Luena
Date: 01/25/2008
Message: I really enjoyed The Thieves of Faith. I love the fact that the action had a point and that your characters were not the usual carboard cut outs that seem to be the standard in every thriller. I'll be first in line for Darkness.

Name: Zach
Date: 01/25/2008
Message: Wow. So Good. Can't wait for the next one.

Name: Ray Japurian
Date: 01/25/2008
Message: Nice to meet you. Really liked your book.

Name: Dina Marisolo
Date: 01/24/2008
Message: I was a little worried when I picked up the Thieves of Faith. The Thieves of Heaven was just so good I was afraid my expectation were too high and that you couldn't duplicate the shear joy i felt reading it. Well, Mr. Doetsch, Thieves of Faith blew me away, it exceeded my expectations and was even better than your first book. You are the best new author i have read in ten years. You are blessed with imagination and heart.

Name: Steve Hurlman
Date: 01/24/2008
Message: Just finished. What a welcome distraction from everyday life. I brought it to work and finished it on my lunch hour. A first for me. I just ordered Thieves of Heaven. Can't wait. Steve

Name: Suzanne Regett
Date: 01/24/2008
Message: Having loved the first two books, I can't wait for the Thieves of Darkness. I just gave your new book to my sister and her husband, they loved your first. Will you be continuing The Thieves books beyond your next?

Name: Lori Schante
Date: 01/24/2008
Message: Hey, Handsome I was really surprised, your book was so much more than i thought it would be. Are you book touring Texas?

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