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Name: Tina S.
Date: 01/26/2012
Message: You write great books, I loved The 13th Hour and Half Past Dawn, can't wait to read your others. Don't take this the wrong way, but looks, brains, and athleticism is VERY rare combination. You look you should star in your own movies. Kudos!

Name: Richard Doetsch
Date: 12/31/2011
Message: As 2011 draws to a close, I just want to say thank you to everyone who picked up and read one of my novels this year. Of all the entertainment mediums, it requires a true commitment of time--which in this day and age is one of our scarcest resources--and the fact that you spent that time with a Doetsch book means more to me than you could know. And a double thanks to those who took the time to drop me a note, there is nothing better for an author than to connect with a reader. So, thanks again!!! Wishing you a Happy New Year and that 2012 is filled with the realization of your greatest wishes and dreams. All my best, Richard

Name: Phil
Date: 12/27/2011
Message: It was a Doetsch Christmas in our house. All three Thieves books and Half Past Dawn. I loved The 13th Hour so much, my wife bought me your other novels. Hope you had a great Christmas, Happy New Year!!!

Name: Sheila Mays
Date: 12/23/2011
Message: Merry Christmas, Richard!!! Thank you to my favorite author for so many entertaining novels. I can't wait to see what you bring in 2012!

Name: Charlotte Sanderson
Date: 12/20/2011
Message: The Michael St. Pierre books are great. Two down and the 3rd ready in my hands. When the new book is out I will be ready!

Name: Nick Pak
Date: 12/17/2011
Message: I never liked reading books. I always found them boring until I came across "The 13th Hour" at Barnes and Nobles. This book is just a masterpiece and I have recommended it to all my friends. Please write books like "The 13th Hour".

Name: Andrew Hauser
Date: 11/28/2011
Message: Over the last two weeks, I read Half Past Dawn, loved it so much, I read The 13th Hour, amazing, so then I bought The Thieves of Darkness. All I can say is you're an amazing writer, 3 great stories, all different, all incredible.

Name: Christina
Date: 11/22/2011
Message: I enjoy how you always engage your fans. So many authors live in a different world and don't respond, not sure why. Thanks for all of your great books, you fans love you. Happy Thanksgiving.

Name: Richard Doetsch
Date: 11/21/2011
Message: Thanks for all of the great comments, there's nothing better than not only getting such amazing feedback, but knowing that people appreciate what you create! Sorry for the inappropriate comments that appeared, while they had good intentions and meant well, this channel is really rated pg-13 at best. Hope all is well with all!

Name: Georgiana Dorbuck
Date: 11/14/2011
Message: Just wanted you to know that Half Past Dawn was the best book I ever read. Thanks for a great read, On my way to the library to see what else they have that you wrote.


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