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Name: Devin
Date: 03/07/2014
Message: I have all your books! Great writing! cant wait for another St. Pierre book

Name: Melissa Lovera
Date: 12/31/2013
Message: Congratulations on your new deal! Books, movies, and TV, you are a true story teller!!!

Name: Jay
Date: 12/29/2013
Message: I loved The Thieves of Legend! Your best book yet. I was on the edge of my seat for two days. And the way that it ended for KC... so great! I can't wait for your next, when will it arrive?

Name: Miranda Charles
Date: 12/29/2013
Message: Merry Christmas! Can't wait to see what you bring us in 2014. Congratulations on the TV show! The Thieves of Legend made great gifts for my cousins.

Name: Terry
Date: 12/07/2013
Message: Merry Christmas to my favorite author

Name: Sharon
Date: 11/30/2013
Message: I just read The 13th Hour and The Thieves of Darkness. Both were amazing yet so different, but for the fact they both kept me on the edge of my seat and made me cry. You are my new favorite author. I was truly riveted and can't wait to read your other works. I must say you are also one of the most fascinating men I've come across. You lead a life that appears to come out of one of your novels, a real adventurer, not only a man's man, but a ladies man, and the most handsome author I've ever seen. Please don't take it the wrong way, but I dream about being with you. There is nothing more sexy than a brilliant, fearless man who maintains his body and lives life to the fullest. Body, mind, and spirit in balance is the key to life and you seem to have found it. Thank you for your wonderful creations.

Name: Aron
Date: 11/26/2013
Message: When will be getting the next Doetsch blockbuster?

Name: Lisa G
Date: 11/24/2013
Message: I just read The Thieves of Legend and really enjoyed it! Can't wait to read everything you wrote. You seem like a real adventurer.

Name: Harriet Hearn
Date: 10/17/2013
Message: my husband introduced me to your books as he met you in business quite some time ago. Now I can't put these books down when I start one. Thanks for keeping me entertained.

Name: Marianne M,
Date: 08/25/2013
Message: Read The 13th Hour while on vacation last week. It was amazing! I just ordered everything you've written. Can't wait to read them all. Which book comes first in your series? Did anyone ever tell you you don't look or act like an author? You look like Nick Quinn and should play him in the movie! By the way, I love your tweets!

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