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Name: Ed Yanis
Date: 03/01/2011
Message: Couldn't put it down!!! So much fun. Thank you for the fun.

Name: Rachel
Date: 03/01/2011
Message: Great interview, inspiring.

Name: Michael
Date: 02/28/2011
Message: Best book yet!

Name: William Tyree
Date: 02/28/2011
Message: You never fail to amaze me. Loved it. Keep them coming!

Name: Tim Spreeling
Date: 02/25/2011
Message: Just finished The Thieves of Darkness and loved every page. Going back to read all of your others.

Name: Claudia
Date: 02/25/2011
Message: Great book! Thanks!

Name: Alissa
Date: 02/24/2011
Message: Nice ad in USA Today. They should have used your face in the ad, you've got one of those Hollywood handsome looks that could sell anything. By the way already read all of your novels. You're a great author!

Name: Chuck
Date: 02/22/2011
Message: Got the paperback edition today. Great cover!!!

Name: Richard Doetsch
Date: 02/21/2011
Message: Hey Carol, Just an FYI, The Thieves of Legend (summer 2011) features Michael and KC. They are very much alive! Thanks for reading!!!!

Name: Carol Vigsnes
Date: 02/21/2011
Message: After reading the Thieves of Darkness, I read the Epilogue. It seems as if evil triumphs afer all. I knew they couldn't find him & he might show up in another book. However, I didn't think the thieves would end up dead.

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