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Name: Gary Nersin
Date: 10/07/2010
Message: Really enjoyed The Thieves of Darkness. Where do you get your inspiration and where do you find so many cool facts? The Piri Reis Map is amazing!

Name: Erin Moss
Date: 10/05/2010
Message: I'm librarian in Salt Lake City and wanted you to know you our most popular title this month.

Name: Chris
Date: 10/05/2010
Message: The 13th Hour was amazing, I just ordered The Thieves of Darkness, can't wait!!

Name: Nancy Heller
Date: 10/04/2010
Message: Great stuff, like your style.

Name: Matt
Date: 10/03/2010
Message: Got a chance to sit and read today, I'm already in the cistern and loving every page.

Name: CJ
Date: 10/03/2010
Message: The 13th Hour was amazing! Thanks!

Name: Susan
Date: 10/02/2010
Message: Really enjoyed The Thieves of Darkness. Can't wiat to read your other novels.

Name: Grant
Date: 10/01/2010
Message: Picked up The 13th Hour on vacation, loved it, fantastic book. Then I find The Thieves of Darkness, so great and I'm only on the third chapter. I'll have to seek out your older stuff, you really know how to pull someone in.

Name: Roland
Date: 09/29/2010
Message: Realy enjoyed The 13th Hour, loved how it went backwards, you have some imagination. I just downloaded The Thieves of Darkness and can't wait to get started.

Name: Perry
Date: 09/27/2010
Message: Just heard about you, read your site. Can't wait to read my first Richard Doetsch book. Ordered The 13th Hour and The first Thieves book so I can read them in order.

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