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Name: Ohio Jean
Date: 04/09/2008
Message: Outstanding. When will be able to read your next?

Name: Erika Sherry
Date: 04/07/2008
Message:  I am a huge fan, altough i am just a teen i find myself unable to put a single one of your books down. I am counting the day until theives of darkness comes out. I read theives of faitrh in a matter of days and it was good i did not want to finish it much love erika

Name: Miss Debra
Date: 04/07/2008
Message: I have just read Thieves of Heaven and look forward to reading the second chapter; then the third. Have you ever considered putting these on film. Would love to help on such a project. The best to you and your family.

Name: Bobby Warner
Date: 04/07/2008
Message: Just read both Thieves of Heaven and Thieves of Faith - Great Storytelling!!! - Looking forward to the third chapter...

Name: René C.L. Pauwels
Date: 04/02/2008
Message: Hello cousin Richard, I just ordered "The Thieves of Heaven" the Dutch version in my local bookstore and wonder if "The Thieves of Faith" is already translated into Dutch or French. Please let me know your homeemail adress so that I can mail you our Family Tree going up till1400. Best greetings from your Belgian family, René C.L. Pauwels

Name: Jacques Doetsch
Date: 04/01/2008
Message: Bonjour Richard, here is another relative from Belgium, far cousin of René Pauwels who gave me your web link and will build soon the tree (starting in 1400!) to help out finding how we are related. I just need to read your books now, and I look forward to it.

Name: Brendan Flynn
Date: 03/28/2008
Message: Mr. Doetsch, What a great surprise to find a great author. I picked up your book Monday and loved it. I anxiously await your next and have just ordered your first. Nice to see there are still original voices in the thriller world!!

Name: Barbara Schreyer Hughes
Date: 03/27/2008
Message: Hi Richard, I saw your interview on Channel 12 and didn't realize you had written 2 books. I immediately went out and got them and what great books they are!!! Congrats!!! Always great to see a fellow classmate doing so well.

Name: Rene C.L. Pauwels
Date: 03/27/2008
Message: Hello dear cousin, I am the grandson of Leonia Doetsch and just as your ancestors we come from Bassenheim in Germany so probably we are relatives. Since a few weeks I am incontact with Barbara, your aunt and will help her to search in Europe for our ancestors. So far I arrived in 1550in Mayen, small town in Prussia. My spouse asks if your books are also translated in French? Greetings from Belgium, Rene C.L. Pauwels

Name: Michael
Date: 03/26/2008
Message: Loved it.

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