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Name: Kate
Date: 03/26/2008
Message: HOT,HOT,HOT... You AND the book!!

Name: Denise
Date: 03/25/2008
Message: What great books you write. I was not expecting them to be so good. I love the covers.

Name: Rain
Date: 03/24/2008
Message: As an author who writes such great books ( i loved them both) who do you like to read? Who are your favortie authors?

Name: Mark
Date: 03/24/2008
Message: Mr. Doetsch I wanted to let you know, your book was fantastic. One of the best thrillers i've ever read.

Name: Sally K
Date: 03/24/2008
Message: Hope you had a nice weekend, I did, I finished your book and loved it.

Name: Glyn Mueller
Date: 03/21/2008
Message: Happy Easter. Loved The Thieves of Faith and Heaven

Name: Mia
Date: 03/19/2008
Message: How much of your books are autobiographical? You do all of this crazy adventure stuff, you're smart, and you look great. To me you don't look like an author. In my mind, you are Michael St. Pierre and exactly what I picture when I read. Oh, yeah, by the way, I love your books.

Name: Nick Z.
Date: 03/19/2008
Message: The Thieves of Faith is the best book I've read in a year. I love the fact that you dare to be different, that you combine action and thrills with history, cool locations, and the bonds of family (though I love the thrills the most). Great book!

Name: Jenny Reilson
Date: 03/18/2008
Message: Loved both of your books, you are my favorite author. You blow Dan Brown and James Rollins out of the water.

Name: Mike Uttley
Date: 03/18/2008
Message: Loved The Thieves of Faith even more than your first. I stumbled on it this past weekend, didn't realize it was out. What an incredible story, there were so maay moving parts and surprises yet it never was confusing. You took the thriller to a new level for me. Can't wait to read your next.

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