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Name: Nicolette
Date: 01/25/2009
Message: Besides the fact you are a fabulous author and I am a HUGE fan of your work... you are the best looking author my friends and I have ever see. Would you consider doing a calender so we could look at a different picture of you every month?!! Can't wait for "The Thirteenth Hour". Nicolette

Name: Cale
Date: 01/21/2009
Message: Loved both Faith and Heaven, I can't wait for The Thieves of Darkness to see where you take Michael next. Please tell us more about the 13th hour. You're my fav author.

Name: Isabelle doetsch
Date: 01/18/2009
Message: I love you daddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Jason
Date: 01/14/2009
Message: I can't wait for your next book. Great job

Name: Vicky Huronis
Date: 01/13/2009
Message: I am so curious now, what is the 13th hour about? I love your writing and if you say you have something even more special than your last two novels, it must be fantastic. Don't keep us waiting.

Name: Elaine Beierbach
Date: 01/10/2009
Message: I can't wait until Thieves of Darkness is released. I have already requested that our local library purchase it. Great stories! Keep it up. I believe I heard that a movie is being made, based on one of your novels? Wonderful!

Date: 01/10/2009

Name: Donna
Date: 01/07/2009
Message: Thieves of Heaven & Thieves of Faith were terrific reads, especially since they begin in my home town Armonk! A town we used to describe as one stoplight, 3 banks, 4 churches & 17 bars! Can't wait for Thieves of Darkness!

Name: Thomas
Date: 01/06/2009
Message: It's 2009. You promised us The Thieves of Darkness, when can we run out and buy it? Hollywood is really loving you lately, we can't wait to see your films; don't let them screw 'em up. Besides your books and fixing other people's movies what do you have up your sleeve?

Name: Janine McArthur
Date: 01/05/2009
Message: Nice to see your comment section is working again. I just wanted to tell you how much I love your writing. I saw your session at thriller fest; you inspired me and filled me such hope and seeing how many people were hanging on your everyword, I think that goes for everyone there. Thank you for not only being my favorite author but such an insperation.

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